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If you are a new user, this is an easy guide to help you setup Openkore and make you start botting in no time. Actually, Openkore is not really that hard to setup. It is in fact one of the easiest bot programs to use.

This guide discusses in detail each step in setting up Openkore first-time. You start by downloading the required files, installing the packages, checking your server details, doing some basic configuration and then starting the program.

Downloading Files

The very first thing you need to do is download latest version of Openkore main program. You get download's link on the Links page

On the downloads page, you will find five available downloads:

  1. openkore_ready.zip - contains all the packages (control, field and tables pack) that are necessary to run Openkore
  2. openkore.zip - contains only the source
  3. confpack.zip - contains the control pack, main configuration files
  4. tablepack.zip - contains the tables pack, mini database for Openkore
  5. fieldspack.zip - contains th fields pack, fields files

Most users will want to download openkore_ready.zip, as it contains almost everything that is necessary to run Openkore.

To run openkore, you need to have perl installed OR if you are using Windows, you can download Openkore binaries and use it to run openkore without the need of perl.

  • Linux users will have to compile openkore and run directly in perl.

Extracting Files

Extract the contents of the main program in your hard drive. You can choose any location you like (for example, "C:\").

  • You will need an extractor program, you can use Winrar or Winzip

After extracting the main program, you will have a folder named openkore_ready or openkore (depending on the file you downloaded). If you chose to extract it on "C:\" for example, the absolute path would be "C:\openkore_ready". This will be your main bot folder.

  • You can rename your main bot folder if you want to.

If you download the source only, extract the rest of the zip files (config pack, field pack and table pack) in your main bot folder. After extracting all the packages, you should have four subfolders in your main bot folder.

Your openkore directory structure should be something like this.

Your openkore directory structure should be something like this.

Setting Server Details

You can skip this step if your are playing on officials, because latest versions of Openkore already have an updated server information for official RO servers that allows you to easily connect without having to configure anything.

Openkore needs the server's information before it can connect with it. If you want to check if Openkore already supports your server, open your main bot folder, browse to the tables subfolder, and open servers.txt. Look for the name of your server in the entries found in this file. The server names are enclosed in square brackets "[ ]".

If you can't find your server in the list (or if you are having problems connecting to the master server), you have to figure out your server details first before continuing with the next step. Follow the steps provided in the Connectivity Guide and Packet Length Extractor.

Starting Openkore

Run the application file "start.exe" inside your main bot folder.

The good thing about Openkore is that it detects if you haven't yet configured your login options in config.txt (i.e. username, password, master, server, and char). If you leave your login options empty, Openkore will guide you in properly setting these options at run-time.

  • If you are using Linux, run Openkore from the source code. See the instructions on How to run Openkore in Linux.

Loading configuration files

At startup, Openkore will load all necessary configuration and table files:

Loading control\arrowcraft.txt...
Loading tables\servers.txt...
Loading control\mon_control.txt...
Loading control\items_control.txt...
Loading control\shop.txt...
Loading control\overallAuth.txt...
Loading control\pickupitems.txt...
Loading control\responses.txt...
Loading control\timeouts.txt...
Loading control\chat_resp.txt...
Loading control\avoid.txt...
Loading control\priority.txt...
Loading control\consolecolors.txt...
Loading control\routeweights.txt...
Loading control\arrowcraft.txt...
Loading tables\servers.txt...
Loading tables\teste.txt...
Loading tables\cities.txt...
Loading tables\commanddescriptions.txt...
Loading tables\directions.txt...
Loading tables\elements.txt...
Loading tables\emotions.txt...
Loading tables\equiptypes.txt...
Loading tables\haircolors.txt...
Loading tables\headgears.txt...
Loading tables\items.txt...
Loading tables\itemsdescriptions.txt...
Loading tables\itemslots.txt...
Loading tables\itemslotcounttable.txt...
Loading tables\itemtypes.txt...
Loading tables\resnametable.txt...
Loading tables\maps.txt...
Loading tables\monsters.txt...
Loading tables\npcs.txt...
Loading tables\packetdescriptions.txt...
Loading tables\portals.txt...
Loading tables\portalsLOS.txt...
Loading tables\sex.txt...
Loading tables\SKILL_id_handle.txt...
Loading tables\skillnametable.txt...
Loading tables\spells.txt...
Loading tables\skillsdescriptions.txt...
Loading tables\skillssp.txt...
Loading tables\skillssp.txt...
Loading tables\skillsstatus.txt...
Loading tables\skillsailments.txt...
Loading tables\skillsstate.txt...
Loading tables\skillslooks.txt...
Loading tables\skillsarea.txt...
Loading tables\skillsencore.txt...
Loading tables\quests.txt...
Checking for new portals... none found

Setting your username and password

Openkore will prompt you for your username and password:

Enter Username: 
Enter Password:

Type your username and password in the console.

  • This will only happen if you didn't set your username and password on config.txt.
  • Kore will automatically set these options in config.txt so you won't have to specify it again everytime you run Openkore.

Choosing a Master Server

Openkore will show you a numbered list of known RO servers.

------------ Master servers ------------
#    Choice
0    AegisRO
1    Brazil - bRO: Asgard
2    Brazil - bRO: Odin
3    Brazil - bRO: Thor
4    cRO - China
5    France - fRO (ragnarokeurope.com): Chaos
6    Indonesia - idRO: Midgard
7    International - iRO: Classic.Loki
8    International - iRO: Sakray
9    International - iRO: Chaos (Renewal-compatible)
10   Japan - jRO: Verdandi
11   Korea - kRO: Sakray
12   Korea - kRO: Sara/Rangidis/Thanatos
13   Localhost
14   Philippines - pRO: New Chaos
15   Philippines - pRO: New Iris
16   Philippines - pRO: New Loki
17   Philippines - pRO: Sakray
18   Philippines - pRO: Valhalla
19   Philippines - pRO: Valkyrie
20   RMS Pre-Re Test Server
21   RMS Renewal Test Server
22   Taiwan - twRO: All (Prontera)
23   Taiwan - twRO: Free (Moonlight, Baphomet, Poring)
24   Taiwan - twRO: Free (Rainbow bridge)
25   Taiwan - twRO: Gratification
26   Taiwan - twRO: Happy
27   Taiwan - twRO: OldFriend (ChaosFree, IrisFree, LokiFree)
28   Taiwan - twRO: Sakray
29   Thailand - tRO Free life server (Alice(new), Poring)
30   Thailand - tRO Free life server (Yoyo, Picky)
31   Thailand - tRO Main server (Norse)
32   XKore 2
Please choose a master server to connect to.
Enter your answer:

Choose the master server where you want to bot in and type the corresponding number in the console.

  • If you have previously set your master server, this step will not appear.
  • Kore will automatically set this option (master) in config.txt so you won't have to specify it again everytime you run Openkore.
  • If you can't find your server in the displayed list, read the fourth step in this guide again. Exit the program for now by closing the console window. Restart this step after you have properly configured your server details.

Connecting to Master Server

If you have your username, password and master server properly set in config.txt, Kore will now login to the Master Server using your login details. Your account information will be retrieved and a list of available game login servers from the master server will be displayed:

Connecting to Account Server...
Connecting ( [Mar 7 23:35:11 2010.78] connected
-----------Account Info------------
Account ID: 2000003    83 84 1E 00
Sex:        Boy
Session ID: 30188      EC 75 00 00
            16391      07 40 00 00
--------- Servers ----------
#   Name                  Users  IP              Port
0   Openkore Test Server               0       6121
Closing connection to Account Server
Disconnecting ( disconnected

If Openkore couldn't connect, then this error might appear:

Connecting to Master Server...
Connecting ( couldn't connect: Unknown error xxxx

The reason for this may be one of the following:

  1. You are not connected to the internet.
  2. Your server is currently down, or under server maintenance.
  3. The server details is wrong. Read the Setting Server Details again.

Choosing your server

Openkore will prompt you for a server:

--------- Servers ----------
#         Name            Users  IP              Port
0   Openkore Test Server              0       6121
Closing connection to Master Server
Disconnecting ( disconnected
Choose your server.  Enter the server number:

Choose the server where you want to bot in and type the corresponding number in the console.

  • If you have previously set your server, this step will not appear.
  • Kore will automatically set this option (server) in config.txt so you won't have to specify it again everytime you run Openkore.

Choosing your character

If you have your server specified in config.txt, Kore will now login to the server. All your available characters will be listed:

Connecting to Character Server...
Connecting ( connected
Received characters from Character Server
------------- Character List -------------
Slot 0: Openkore (Novice, level 1/1)
------------ Character selection ------------
#   Choice
0   Slot 0: Openkore (Novice, level 1/1)
2   Create a new character
3   Delete a character
Please choose a character or an action.
Enter your answer:

Openkore will prompt you to choose a character. You also have the option to create a new character or delete an existing character. If you already have a character created in your account, simply choose the character you want to bot and type the corresponding number in the console.

Entering the Game

With all your login details set up, Kore will now login to the map server and start the game:

Received character ID and Map IP from Character Server
----------Game Info----------
Char ID: F1 49 02 00 (150001)
MAP Name: new_1-1.gat
MAP Port: 5121
Closing connection to Character Server
Disconnecting ( disconnected
Connecting to Map Server...
Connecting ( connected
You are now in the game
Your Coordinates: 53, 101

Congratulations! You have successfully set up Openkore!

Final Notes

Before continuing, you should configure everything, reading all the manuals. You can see a list of actions that Openkore supports on the Overview page, visit Frequently Asked Questions page for possible solutions to errors. And if the problem still persist, visit the forum.