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autoSpell <skill name>
Automatically select specified skill for Sage's Hindsight, Shadow Chaser's Shadow Spell and similar skills. These skills still need to be configured with useSelf_skill in order to skill select to appear and autoSpell to work.
autoSpell_safe <boolean>
Disable autoSpell for skills not in the list sent by the server. For Hindsight, usually you can only cast a spell which you have points in. On some servers however, you can specify a spell which you haven't invested points in and it will succeed to be autocast at level 1.


Use Hindsight when it isn't active, select Cold Bolt to be used for Hindsight:


useSelf_skill SA_AUTOSPELL {
	lvl 10
	timeout 10
	whenStatusInactive EFST_AUTOSPELL
	notWhileSitting 1