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avoidList <boolean flag>
Enables the avoid list.
avoidList_inLockOnly [<boolean flag>]
Set this option to 1 if you only want to avoid people in your avoid list when you are inside your lockMap.
avoidList_reconnect [<seconds>]
If avoidList is enabled and you disconnect due to avoid list matches, this option specifies the time in seconds Kore will wait and sleep before reconnecting again. See the avoidGM_near parameter (values 1, 2, or 5).
avoidList_ignoreList <player names>
In this config parameter, you can specify the names of players upon meeting which OpenKore should NOT react (disconnect, teleport or respawn). Multiple names should be separated by a comma. This parameter is useful if you use the [Jobs] section in the avoid.txt file. This setting will allow you, for example, to teleport from all priests except your friends. Also, do not forget to specify a value of 1 for the avoidList_inLockOnly parameter, otherwise the bot in the city will not behave adequately.