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  • This plugin is created to store, edit and run multiple configurations from one Openkore folder.
  • This plugin also supports direct changing of profiles when Openkore runs.


  • Profiles plugin is included and enabled by default in Openkore.
  • You must create profiles folder in your Openkore main folder to enable this plugin.

Creating profile

  • First you need to create folder with specific name in profiles folder.
  • Second copy all files from control folder or other profile folder in you newborn profile.
  • All this files will exist separately from other profiles and control folder. This means - changing one wont affect others.


  • All your profiles are listed on the start of Openkore client.
  • Plugin gives you a possibility to choose one, including the standard control folder as last option.
  • After inputting a number which corresponds to chosen profile - plugin will load it.
  • This means you can run same Openkore client multiple times and choose different profile in each of instances.

Console commands

show profiles list for you to choose one.
changeProfile <name>
instantly change profile to one is named <name> in profile list.


Can I hide some of my profiles not moving them from my profiles folder?
Yes! Just put # symbol in the beginning of your profile folder name.
Can i delete my control folder when using profiles plugin?
No! But you can delete all files from there except sys.txt.