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This page aims to describe how to use OpenKore plugins. Plugins are little perl packages (.pl extension) that extend OpenKore's functionality. They do this by reacting to events using kore built-in event-handlers called hooks.


You can download most plugins from the official OpenKore plugin repository at SourceForge:


  • It is advised to get the entire <pluginname>/trunk folder of the plugin.
  • Unofficial sources are unsafe to get plugins from. (forums, third party, ...)
  • Using the plugins from the OpenKore plugin repository helps developers fix and maintain them, given that you provide bugreports and feedback. It also helps you to update them, if you're using svn.
  • Some plugins require additional modules to work. See how to make Installing Modules.


Rename the trunk folder that you downloaded to <pluginname> and place it in the plugins folder so that you end up with plugins/<pluginname>.

		<files from ^/plugins/macro/trunk>
		<files from ^/plugins/state/trunk>
		<files from ^/plugins/randomplugin/trunk>


  • OpenKore only looks for plugins down to 2 levels of the specified plugins folder. (ex. /plugins/<pluginname>/<>)
  • Additional configuration may be required to get the plugins to work. (in: sys.txt, config.txt, ...)
  • Which plugins folder to use can be configured. (this is unnecessary in most cases)

Downloading, Installing and Updating with SVN (deprecated)

The OpenKore project has to moved to GitHub as of Feburary 28th 2016. The old repository at has been deprecated and made read-only. All plugins are now available at GitHub

Installing plugin "example" (it's a really existing example plugin, by the way):

svn co plugins/example

Updating plugin "example":

svn up plugins/example

Updating all installed plugins:

svn up plugins/*


How to configure a specific plugin to your needs can be found on the forum and in some cases in <pluginname>/trunk/doc or directly in the plugin file. The goal is to port this information to the wiki (ex. macro plugin, wx captcha).

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